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Search our medical news database advanced search register login hot topics bone research gene therapy depression women's health cardiology more home newsletter for purchase medical topics products about us contact verticalnews heart transplantation new technique limits graft coronary artery disease in rodent model published in gene therapy weekly , june 13th, 2002 by sonia nichols, senior medical writer - arterial blockage occurring following cardiac transplantation can be reduced with ex vivo gene blocking, according to researchers at a renowned cardiac research center. Medical investigators at the falk research center, which is located at stanford university in stanford, california, recently reported success after using antisense (as) oligodeoxynucleotide (odn)-treated donor hearts to prevent the formation of intimal hyperplasia in rodents receiving grafted cardiac tissues. The team believe the therapy could be valuable for preventing graft coronary artery disease in humans following heart transplant surgery. buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra cheap viagra generic viagra online viagra for sale buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra viagra generic buy online generic viagra online Because endothelin-1 initiates neointimal formation following cardiac repair, a. Yamaguchi and colleagues combined antisense dna infusion with organ incubation under hyperbaric pressure to transfer as odn for preproendothelin-1 (ppet-1) or several control products to pvg rat donor hearts. The treated cardiac tissues were then grafted into aci rats subsequently given cyclosporine treatment. At two intervals, 1 week later and 3 months later, yamaguchi's team examined rodent hearts for endothelin-1 expression. "treatment with as odn and pressure significantly reduced et-1 mrna and protein expression," yamaguchi and colleagues said. As a result of endothelin-1 inhibition, smooth muscle cell and macrophage incursion at the site of the allografts was reduced, and graft coronary artery disease was limited (ex vivo blockade of endothelin-1 inhibits graft coronary artery disease in a rodent cardiac allograft model, journal of heart and lung transplantation, 2002;21(4):417-424). "this highly targeted therapy may be a cli. Bine ai venit!
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